Boston's Cox Conserves Heroes

2016: Adam Crellin-Sazama is creating a better future for the planet and inspiring his fellow teenagers to make a difference. He created a movement called Youth United for Animals and the Planet and advocates on the important role zoos play in animal conservation. While volunteering at the zoo, he cares for animals and educates visitors on conservation and climate change issues. His nonprofit of choice is Zoo New England.

2015: Rocky Morrison was born and raised on the Merrimack River and couldn’t bear to see the Methuen shoreline he played on as a kid littered with debris. Ten years ago he founded the Clean River Project, a volunteer initiative that has since removed thousands of tires, 56 cars and tons of recyclable materials from the Merrimack. The debris is collected in booms along the river, then removed and sorted for recycling. Today, residents are enjoying a cleaner river where nesting eagles, heron and fish are thriving. His nonprofit of choice is the Clean River Project.

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